Food For All, Thoughts For Minds

Signs for those who think!!

Almighty Allah gives us tons of blessings and pour tons of mercy upon us every time. We do not take very much care of such things very precisly because all of whatever He gives us is free.. Well He give us because He loves us more than seventy mothers. He gives us because He loves his creations. He gives us because He creates us.

Let say for example a little toddler is crying due to hunger and thirst. You thought of helping him mercifully and gave him a pack of snack, At first he felt so happy about a pack of snacks but he does not know that inside this pack is the food he wanted to eat. He starts playing with it throwing and catching etc.
Meanwhile all of these activities were monitored by his mother. She was looking and smiling upon his activity. She knew that his son was hungry but he did not know that there is a food inside the wrapper. After a while she opened up a pack and offered him with food and he felt better.

What one can learn from the activity that God Almighty whatever gives us is the best for us. But our example is same like a toddler who did not know the inside reality. So we should thank Him all the time no matter whatever the problems we face on daily basis. we should thank Him whatever He gave to us and whatever He did not. Sometimes He teaches us through His signs but for those who think and analyze His Signs. Think…..

Alhamdulillah :)

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