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Need To Learn From A Beggar!!!

I Heard the News quite a few months back that a beggar managed to buy a house in a posh area of Karachi Pakistan Amounted in a Millions of Rupees.  Ever wonder how he manages to pile up all the money??

There is no doubt about it that He might have running a begging business employing and hiring many people as a beggar and deploy them in a busy markets and food streets of Karachi so he then probably succeeded in piling up the so called income.

Apart from this angle, there is another angle of the story which I realized last Sunday. Ever noticed that these people also work on weekends: O…  Now what I am trying to highlight the point is that they are so dedicated and hardworking to their job so they should deserve a success.

Working people like me have a mentality to have rest on weekends. But we do not realize that to be a successful person we will have to work hard and be honest to ourselves

Well It does not mean to go office on weekends, rather we can do a free lance work or we can work to achieve few CPD points in case if u hold a professional qualification. The conclusion of this post is to make you think that we should learn something from people around us… Oh it can be a beggar also….

Have a nice day….

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