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Intolerance By the So called preachers of Tolerance

I was on youtube during this a adverstised vedio of israil was apperaing with this messsage, that prime minister naten yahoo will answer your question about israils and its policies. i checked this but was shock to read the comments and questions from natenyahoo. majortiy of comments were against the Islam only. not any other religion was being commented.. but some question which were posted was just to ask from natenyahoo may be as smaple from muslims were only about the request for piece. Majority of jews were humiliating to our prophits and stressing on this that only terrorism is due to Islam and its followers. I tried to post a comment just asking only a simple question.
“do Naten yahoo and all gews belong to human race.. because modern scince has found that the geos evaluated from monkeys with the manipulation of stan..?”
but my question posted did not appeared in the comments list. but i was noticing all comment against the islam were apperaing in the window.
I thought this may be due to youtube webster setting and all anti islamic propaganda was being launch with the help of youtube.
One other major factor is observed.. these Gews sends a virus by email. on the opening, this is automatically installed in your computer. whih work as a spy and search for contacts and emails address which are stored in any type of documents and from the adressbook of emails and outlooks. after that this virus sends emails haveing the anti islamic proganda and site links of Gews preachings..
these emails are not sent as a spam because the sender address is victims of this virus unknowingly. Victims is working for the anti islamic propoganda and Gews preachings..

I thougt that we all educated in our own field can work to compete this propagana by inspiring the software developer and other sinncere muslims..

Think about this


Saif Mastoi

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