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Crossing The Limits of Poverty!!!! OR Humanity???

Another shocking news came to me early morning today that number of people approached mufti Naeem Sahab of Jamia Binoria SITE Karachi Pakistan for taking fatwa for making robbery and unfair means to earn legal because of poverty and hunger..

People are workers  and work in different Mills around the area. They wanted a fatwa on the basis that Islam allows to eat Pig’s Meet  instead of committing suicide in case you do not have to eat anything. Based on this logic they demanded a fatwa (Islamic Regulation) that due to severe poverty situation and hunger they should be allowed to rob off and use illegal means (that is Haram in Islam) to earn money to provide basic life needs to their family.

I don’t know whether people forgot the early days of Islam where our Prophet ( peace be upon him) and their Sahabas  go without eating for many days… They used to wear a stone on their bellies to nullify the urge of hunger!!!

A Muslim must believes that whatever the situation Allah will provide him with food whatever written in his fate. So this is not the solution to use illegal means and robbery to fill up the tummy and fulfill the basic need of the family.

I am not saying that there is no fault of Government of Pakistan. Government is rather became deaf and dumb and forgot that Pakistan is a welfare state and surprisingly a Pakistani citizen is wandering around for his welfare.

Time has came to do something individually to stop the storm of hunger and poverty. Again the step should be genuinely for the cause of elimination of problem and not for the cause of fame..


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