Food For All, Thoughts For Minds

Signs for those who think!!

Almighty Allah gives us tons of blessings and pour tons of mercy upon us every time. We do not take very much care of such things very precisly because all of whatever He gives us is free.. Well He give us because He loves us more than seventy mothers. He gives us because He loves […]

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Hackers In Action

Hello, It is said that the places that were not visited frequently by people becomes best hide outs for dacoits, terrorists, and nasty people. Couple of days back my blog hacked by some bullshits. Yes bullshits because they can not do any productive work so they did this shit out of their wits.. I can […]

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For quite a long time i was busy in other activities…. Resuming to share again all thoughts and incidents to the world once again. Have a nice day.

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Crossing The Limits of Poverty!!!! OR Humanity???

Another shocking news came to me early morning today that number of people approached mufti Naeem Sahab of Jamia Binoria SITE Karachi Pakistan for taking fatwa for making robbery and unfair means to earn legal because of poverty and hunger.. People are workers  and work in different Mills around the area. They wanted a fatwa […]

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Intolerance By the So called preachers of Tolerance

I was on youtube during this a adverstised vedio of israil was apperaing with this messsage, that prime minister naten yahoo will answer your question about israils and its policies. i checked this but was shock to read the comments and questions from natenyahoo. majortiy of comments were against the Islam only. not any other […]

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Need To Learn From A Beggar!!!

I Heard the News quite a few months back that a beggar managed to buy a house in a posh area of Karachi Pakistan Amounted in a Millions of Rupees. ¬†Ever wonder how he manages to pile up all the money?? There is no doubt about it that He might have running a begging business […]

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Flood Surcharge??? what is this ???

There is a buzz around people of Pakistan that what actually flood surcharge is and how it is going to Hammer our Back. Basically flood surcharge tax is one of the guideline from IMF in a view to provide relief to the victims of flood affected people of Pakistan. This tax will be one time […]

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Tolerance and Understanding

Hi, While travelling on my official tour, I took these pictures on the highway. The images speaks something in their own way. Its a high time for humans to take some lesson from these inocent animals to build up the tolerance and understanding among them. Think……………..

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Does Music Need Any Language???

This song is not in our native langauage but you people probably gonna like it… ¬† nothing has changed i keep loving you (x2) if i don’t see you, if i don’t see you, i’f i don’t see? you i’ll go mad i kept your scent as a talisman (x2) if i don’t see you, […]

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Wh words…. The start of thinking process!!!

Hi, Scientifically, thinking is the process that starts with questioning. Questions works like a trigger for any thinking process. Many a times I observed that people basically dont want to think so whatever is feeding in their mind by corrupt media and programs, they just digest it carelessly. For analyzing any piece of information, one […]

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